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Q. How does our business receive access to Premier HR?

A. To gain access to Premier HR for your business, Click Here.

Q. What is the Cost?

A. We do not charge an additional fee for our service. You will pay the same premium whether you purchase through us, or go direct through the carrier.

Q. How do I get an insurance quote?

A. Groups simply need to fill out the Group Quote page and a specialist will get back to them in the next business day.
Individuals can shop and apply instantly by Clicking Here.

Q. In what states are Premier Financial Benefits Represenatives licensed in?

A. Arizona, Colorado and Nevada.

Q. How long does it take to get a quote?

A. Groups/Small Businesess should have the information they need within 1 business day.
Individuals and Families can access the information and apply online by Clicking Here.

Q. What are some of the differences between small group and individual health insurance?

A. Individual insurance is medically underwritten. Small group insurance is not medically underwritten, but rather financially underwritten and therefore is available to all eligible employees of a business regardless of health.

Q. What should a self-employed person do?

A. This is too complex a question to answer here. Please fill out the individual quote form and a specialist will contact regarding the specifics of your situation.

Q. What are the major differences between HMO and PPO plans?

A. HMO plans generally do not have deductibles and pay a high percentage of an insureds coinsurance. However HMO plans generally require insureds to utilize referrals when it comes to specialist visits and the insurance company has more control in regards to the coverage a patient receives and the physicians an insured can visit. PPO plans generally require an insured to satisfy a deductible before coverage begins. Referrals to specialists are generally not required for an insured to receive benefits from a PPO plan.

Q. What types of plans are employers utilizing to save money on premiums without taking away benefits from employees?

A. Employers have a diverse amount of options including health re-imbursement arrangements, health savings accounts and medical supplement plans that used in conjunction with a high deductible health insurance plan can save the company money and provide a strong level of benefits for the employees.

Q. What is the next step? How do I begin?

A. Either fill out the Group Quote Form or Click Here to access Premier HR.

Q. I already have a broker. What should I do?

A. Bring your business to us. It only takes a few minutes of your time and odds are you will find a way to improve your situation.

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